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The Technician (Lesson 3 Pack

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A discounted 3-Pack of beginner to Advanced 3 hour Technical Lessons. Learn to control your bike in any terrain.

**Lesson's do not include the parks Daily Membership fee or Shuttle Upgrade fee's. They can be purchased here.**


Build your confidence in the chunk, steeps and off-camber through learning simple maneuvers like wheel lifts, wheel arounds and skinnies. we will discuss line choice, body/bike position and speed management in different terrains.


Focus on body bike moment, line choice and speed management for technical sections. Discuss weighting and unweighting over obstacles and learn where speed is your friend or enemy.


Jump in and out of rock gardens, ride the steep chutes, chunkiest of chunk take your confidence to the the next level.


***Schedule your first lesson, and the other two will be scheduled in person***