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Jump Master (Lesson 3 Pack)

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A discounted 3-Pack of beginner to Advanced 3 hour Jump Lessons. Start from the bunny hop end at the moon

**Lesson's do not include the parks Daily Membership fee or Shuttle Upgrade fee's. They can be purchased here.**


Learn the basics of flight through proper body and bike position/movement using the American bunny hop.  From bump jumps to small table tops, we all were meant to fly.


Take your jumping skills to new heights by learning how to approach bigger table tops and small gaps. Learn how to judge distance and use speed management, air-awareness and technique to graduate form “Kiddy Play Place” to “Senior Discount” 


For the rider that has mastered “Senior Discount” and wants the maximum “Air Supply”.  Turn your steeze dial to 11 by getting those whips sideways, tables flat and add some new moves to your trick list. 


***Schedule your first lesson, and the other two will be scheduled in person***